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We take care of your first impression.

Branding is the first impression your company will have on a prospect. Your business is a brand whether you think so or not, and branding can make or break a business today. Building a memorable brand is more important than ever. In this climate of unlimited choices, your brand has to be cohesive, memorable and differentiated to captivate consumers and eventually capture mind share.

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Branding includes images, content, marketing, logos, website and other materials that might be used to define a brand in the eyes and minds of its target audiences. To succeed in branding, we understand the needs and wants of your customers and prospects. We believe that a good brand will

  • Clearly deliver a message
  • Confirm the brand’s credibility in the marketplace
  • Emotionally connect target prospects with a product or service
  • Motivate the buyer to make a purchase
  • Create user loyalty
Here are our branding services:

Logo Design

In this modern digital era of increasing competition amongst businesses, your logo is a key player in gaining the attention you need. People react faster to images than text. The brain will process shapes and colors rapidly, sending signals to the brain that immediately conjure up any associated feelings, thoughts, memories and emotions. The simpler the shapes and colors, the quicker this happens.

Your logo will appear on everything that relates to your business. It will become your identity, calling card, and the visual recognition of your promise. So be willing to invest the time and money to have something exceptional to reinforce the visual identity of your business.

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We design the most effective logos that are:

  • Simple: Simple logos are easier to recognize and remember.
  • Memorable: The best logos set your brand apart, and distinguish you as unique.
  • Timeless: A logo needs to be able to evolve and adapt to the trends.
  • Versatile: A logo should be available in a range of sizes, colours, and mediums.
  • Appropriate: Great logos are appropriate for the brand’s intended audience.
logo design ottawa

Business Cards Design

In the digital era that focuses on all things paperless, it might seem like the traditional business card is irrelevant, while business cards are still an accepted and expected part of the 21st-century business world.
Once you pass your card to someone, client or not, you’ve established a connection. With a strong business card, you will be able to operate in another form of marketing: word of mouth. By sharing your card with one person, they can then share it with someone else who may be in need of your services.

We believe that first impressions are a crucial part of every business transaction and it is our goal to provide our clients with products that are crafted to an unrivalled degree of excellence.

Brochure & Poster Design

We may live in a digital world, but don’t let the power of print go unnoticed, especially brochures and posters. When it comes to advertising your business, a printed brochure or a poster still stands as one of the best methods of communicating your message and extending your brand, in other words, they are considered a vital marketing tool and the spearhead of marketing efforts.

We get as much information about your objectives so that we properly choose the design. We put ourselves in the shoes of the brand’s target market and think we’re serving at the pleasure of your audience.